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Good morning!

Debbie - I am always amazed at how much better I feel too. Kinda makes me wonder why I slip up so often.

Natasha - Found money - yay! I have never been on a ferris wheel. Or a 4-wheeler either.

Beloved - I hope your shoulder is okay. I had PT for mine in late-spring early summer. (Thanks to breaking my arm in the shoulder joint over spring break.)

Linda - I would probably call the vet if it was a whole box, just to see what they say. My guess is they can't/won't do anything but it might give you piece of mind.

Ruth - Sounds like a fun, yummy get-together. Mine (not here) is next week and I want to stay on plan... so hard for me at those.

Cyndi - I am so out of the Disney loop but I do know Belle

My teen has the day off school so I hope he will finally make progress on the college apps. He was warned before he went to bed! I am off soon to work out with my mom then groceries. Big victory last night: teen unexpectedly brought home 20 kids. 20! At 9:00. And I had not snacks for them so baked cookies. I didn't eat any and I even managed not to lick the dough off my hands

Have a great day all. BBL

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