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Default Nutritious options

I like to use a little apple butter (sweetened with fruit juice), banana, and almond slivers. You can also use Grade B maple syrup, frozen berries, and raisins.

I see a lot of ladies on here saying that they use Splenda. The trouble with Splenda is that it is virtual crap for your body. People should know that although the inventors claim it is made from sugar, it is also combined with chlorine. That's right, chlorine as in pool water, Clorox bleach! New studies have linked it to anxiety, depression, attention disorders and a whole slew of other preventable diseases. Also, eating artificial sugar substitutes do not help you lose weight in the long run. It actually tricks your body into thinking you're eating something sweet and then causes you to crave more sweetness. Another problem is that it is incredibly acidic. It changes the pH of your blood which your body desperately tries to correct by storing the acid in your fat cells. Your body won't allow you to lose weight because the acid stored in those cells is poisonous to your body. Therefore, it holds onto the fat cells and even creates more!

Simply said, eat whole food that grows from the ground and you will inevitably lose weight!
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