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A big THANK YOU and to everyone. Reading all these posts made my day. You're right, I know maybe right now they're happy, but in a year or two, she'll be in the same position as I am now because he'll get bored with her and move on to the next girl. Obviously he will since he's already cheating on her (has been for the past year) with me. And I've been getting some weird "unknown" phone calls lately, so obviously she knows something is up.

I went to the bookstore yesterday and stocked up on some good self-help books - with the main theme being "single" and working on myself. I'm going to take this time to really learn to love myself again and create a new life for me. I think being single for a while and making myself a better person in the meantime will be good for me. Sure, it'll get lonely at times, but I think everyone, even those in relationships, gets lonely sometimes.

Thanks again for all your great responses! Reminds me why I come here daily in the first place....the support is amazing
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