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Hello everyone! October has arrived with a bang here in Oklahoma....frost advisories this morning! So I covered my flowers w/ black plastic and uncovered them this morning. We have lots of warm weather yet to go so I wanted to save them. This is very early for it to be this cool here. Supposed to warm back up to normal Oct. temps by the weekend.

Had a great weekend. Did not gain (at least it isn't showing on the scale....yet....I will keep a close eye on it) even with all of the off-plan eating I did. Beer and bread (in many forms) were the worst culprits....which probably isn't good for the lovely yeast infection that visited me on Friday....sorry if TMI. Even though I ate those types of things, I didn't really over-eat and filled in w/ fresh veggies, fiber and some water.

I picked pears from our pear tree out at fiance's and have a good bunch in the fridge. Searched the internet because they just didn't seem ripe enough to pick (they are still hard, but have a good flavor). The site I checked says to pick them that way, put them in the fridge for about a week, then put them out on the counter to soften up. So that is what I am doing. I couldn't wait to try baking with them so I did chop up a couple and made Honey Pear Bread for my boys. It was DELISH!!!! Can't wait for them to try it when they get home later today. It isn't lo-cal by any means, but I did use whole wheat flour and canola oil.

I really, really tried to get up early enough this morning to do my 5 mile WATP workout, but I just couldn't do it. I did do the 3 mile Boot Camp, but I am really wanting to add more to it. Not sure how I am going to do that.

JackieC-Good to see you! Hope your back is feeling better.

Hydra-Good to see you, too and I like your new pic! Hope you had a good time celebrating with your son. We watched lots of football this weekend ourselves.

Maddie-I hope your hubby is being more helpful and understanding.

IOAB-I really hope you are feeling better now. Rest and refresh yourself.

Hi Alyssa, welcome to the group!

WLW-I'll be praying for you. Please let us know what you find out from the doctor.

Flamanette-I am enjoying October and Fall more as I get older. It used to depress me to see things die out for the winter, but I know now it is just part of the cycle and it makes me appreciate the re-blooming in the Spring.
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