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Thanks everyone for the welcome back and the encouragment. I am actually enjoying my first few days of Induction and other than being a little tired, I'm not experiencing the Atkins flu like I have in the past. I think the difference is that I got the book and I'm understanding the program better than I did in the past. And other than the sliced ham with no preservatives etc, I'm eating real food this time instead of processed. Plus the change in attitude and the commitment makes a big difference as well. Even looking at the diabetes differently... got the idea from one of the diabetic books I read. Basically she said to look at diabetes as a friend not an enemy as it will help you get your life turned around to healthy eating and exercise. I'm thankful that I found out about mine early before it did any damage. Hopefully, thanks to Atkins plan, it never will.

Sunday is a little different eating schedule from my other days because of church this morning and tonight. I only eat 3 meals and a snack and don't eat until actually hungry. So I've switched my evening meal with my evening snack to compensate. This is so easy to do with Atkins. It was a cold day today so I made a chicken soup with my chicken pieces and Atkins friendly veggies. I'm finding it easy to have foods I like with the foods allowed. I think me finally settling down that this is the way my body needs me to eat then making the commitment is the big difference this time around.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

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