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Ah, now meals out are great when we're losing weight - honestly! Last year I lost weight when I was on holiday in Spain and eating out every day.

Don't panic, remember, You're In Charge of what you eat. It Won't be the same as in previous GorgeYourFace days (Well, I had them, apologies if you didn't) but you're the customer, you're the boss. Look carefully at the menu - and either pick what comes closest to WW (I don't know what's in the plan) or go for lean meat and veg./salads. It's Not dull, and I found it got easier to do it, and without annoying companions either. I found that delicious roast meats that I might not have made myself, absolutely fresh salads and fruit - not like the stuff that lies in my fridge for days going brown - was an absolute treat to eat.

The other thing I set up for myself in advance was my list of I don'ts:
I don't eat sugar
I don't eat processed meats
I don't eat wheat
or whatever.

I found it easier to say that, internally or externally according to need, rather than say 'I'm on a diet'. To me "I don't" is me being in charge; "I'm on a diet" gives people carte blanche to think it funny to try and tempt me off. No-one's been rude enough ever to ask why "I don't", plenty people have tried to tempt me off the diet.

Good luck!

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