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Originally Posted by I'm svelting! View Post
This morning I mixed up my morning regular -- an IP omelet + 1 egg -- not strictly phase 1 IP but my variation to make the program work for my schedule.

It poured rather slowly out of the shaker cup. I removed the lid and poured the thick mixture into the pan, wondering "Have they changed the formulation of the omelet?"

Curiosity got the better of me and I looked in the trash can -- I'd used a chicken soup packet instead of the omelet one.

It's good and a nice change from the fine herbs & cheese omelet. I may try it with the other soups. Absentmindedness is the mother of invention?
So true .... I actually made a sauce for chicken with WF choc sauce after someone said they mistakely used it instead of bbq sauce, it was pretty good, I know its not a packet but hey it was good. I add hazelnut to the choc pudding, just like nutella, I put WF peanut butter in the choc (pudding) shakes with some ice ....yummy. I use the mushroom soup (thicker) as a sauce for my miracle noodles with grilled veggies. I have tried to use the chicken soup as a coating for zucchini, that was ok, definatley something I would experiement with. I also loved the mirange cookies made with egg whites and vanilla pudding topped with WF strawberry, like vanilla jam jams and they travel well. I also made the cookies with the choc pudding and use the marshmellow as topping also good....... you can use any of the packets to make the cookies....

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