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HUGS to you, Maribel!

You are on the right track! Just by coming here, you are beginning to find the way to weight loss. Otherwise, you wouldn't have checked out this site. Since you are improving your life by doing the GED prep, that may jump-start you for overall improvement.

I suggest you make a list of what you would accomplish if there was nothing in the world to hold you back... then go for it! If a healthy body is important enough, you will manage to get it, just as you will get an education if it is important enough to you.

Honey, at 17, you have the world on a string, and this is the time to decide how you want to live - it's all up to you. If you look down, don't be surprised if you see red sparkly shoes on your feet, because, like Dorothy in Oz, you have had the power all along......

Good luck to you!
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