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Thumbs down RANT about the "guy". :/

I made a thread called "Need help with a guy !! IMMEDIATELY." a couple of days ago.. this is kinda the continued of that.

Talking about this guy that was talking to me.
Well we met twice, 2 nights ago, and last night.
Everything was going really good with us talking, and last night was good too.. We talked, kissed and he hugged me/held my hand, made plans to come back again tomorrow, and kissed me goodnight before I went back inside! Then he even texted me "Miss you already (:" 5 minutes after, I texted him I missed him too, and went to bed.
So I think, great right? This guy likes me!

Well today was just.. horrible. First, he always texts me goodmorning and to have a good day, but this morning he didn't. I think, oh maybe he's not at work today and he's still sleeping, then later on, oh maybe he didn't have his phone.
Well by the end of the school day I knew he was just not gonna text me. I stayed after school to go to the gym and tutoring, and he came to visit the school with his friend (I didn't know). I was outside and when he came out of the doors, he saw me and he actually DUCKED down going down the stairs, and kinda speed walked past me and my friends.
I of course got kinda like.. wtf, but whatever! Anyway we're on our way to the gym, and we're crossing the street, well what do you know.. him and his friend are behind us and he literally jogged down the street RIGHT past me and didn't turn around.
Then me and my friends walk in some cafe before the gym, and of course him and his friend walk in there later after us. The place was WAY too small for him to act like he just accidentally didn't see me, so he talked and suddenly became SO sweet. He's like "Hey! You come here?" and smiling. Then "Isn't she gorgeous? (talking to my friends)" and asking me to come hug him, then has the nerve to be like "Alright, I'll call you later, you know what's happening tonight." and winks at me, then leaves...

Well, first, I know he isn't going to call me, because he did everything he could to avoid me, and only talked to me when he pretty much HAD to. And ducking behind the stairs and running away with his friend..? While I had 4 of my girlfriends be like "Wow.. why is he hiding?" and asking me awkward questions, to which I couldn't even know how to respond!

But yeah.. It's just a weird thing. I don't know what I'm suppose to think or do. I'm kind of curious as to WHY he did it, considering things were going REALLY good last night (he asked to see me again, he came in for the kisses, he hugged me, etc) and then after that he just doesn't talk to me, and is pretty much running away from me.

But this is pretty much a rant..
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