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So much differing information about do's and don'ts - my coach is so different - first off I have to have 5 packets per day with 1 restricted a must (since the day I started). In fact, if I don't have 5 I get yelled at because my muscle mass has decreased and have now been told that a person of my size may actually need 6 packets a day - and she's threatened to drop me from the program if I continue to lose muscle mass and not eat the required amount of packets. I've been told to eat extra veggies and proteins and eat an egg if I have to to insure I get enough protein in. And yes, my hairs been falling out - getting quite a thin spot on top of my head! I get so confused over what to do or not to do - everone's coach is so different - isn't there supposed to be one standard protocol? I can hardly afford the 5 packets a day, and now to add a 6th - why so much differeing information out there? I'm soooo confused! Wish there was some agreement to what was standard protocol for all coaches to tell us.
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I know it sounds fishy - but I've been averaging 3 pounds a week and with the threat of being told I can't stay on program, I'm worried. Its the only diet that's worked for me and I'm having a hard time affording 5 packs as it is - can't believe you guys are only having 3! what a huge difference in protocol.
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thank you - that makes sense doesn't it!
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Spoke to my coach more about it today-because of my make up she wants to insure I lose no muscle mass and with the decrease I had because of increased activities (and energy) thats what happened - fat went up and muscle mass went down. The big misconception (in my brain anyhow) was that I would lose more each week if I ate less packets, and thats absolutely not the truth - apparently the extra protein from the extra packet or two insures that I stay in ketosis and I burn the fat not the muscle - she wants to make sure when I reach my goal I have all my muscle mass because thats what will keep burning fat - does that make sense? I feel better. The number or packets really shouldn't impact anyone's weight loss staying in ketosis is important and insuring muscle mass stays intact as well - and I forgot, and as was pointed out, your heart is a muscle too! I think I understand a little better now. Thanks for everyone's input.

Hey Meshell! How are you? I know it has been almost 2 months since these posts, how is it going with your coach? How are you feeling with the added protein?

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