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Originally Posted by meshell5488 View Post
In fact, if I don't have 5 I get yelled at because my muscle mass has decreased and have now been told that a person of my size may actually need 6 packets a day - and she's threatened to drop me from the program if I continue to lose muscle mass and not eat the required amount of packets.
Ummm, your coach yells at you? I think that might be acceptable behaviour from a drill sergeant at a military bootcamp, but an Ideal Protein "coach"? This "coach" needs to get her butt kicked from here to kingdom come.

Yelling and berating doesn't work. Don't they think we've yelled at and berated ourselves enough by now? And has it worked to keep us from doing things we know are sub-optimal?
If yelling and berating did work, imagine the world we'd live in:
  • children would always have their homework done
  • nobody would be overweight or addicted to substances
  • there'd never be any fights anywhere about anything because the yellee would always back down to the yeller
  • and, most importantly, people wouldn't cut me off when I'm driving!

Maybe this comment should go in a not-yet-existing thread entitled, "What your coach needs to know about coaching."
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