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Originally Posted by meshell5488 View Post
So much differing information about do's and don'ts - my coach is so different - first off I have to have 5 packets per day with 1 restricted a must (since the day I started). In fact, if I don't have 5 I get yelled at because my muscle mass has decreased and have now been told that a person of my size may actually need 6 packets a day - and she's threatened to drop me from the program if I continue to lose muscle mass and not eat the required amount of packets. I've been told to eat extra veggies and proteins and eat an egg if I have to to insure I get enough protein in. And yes, my hairs been falling out - getting quite a thin spot on top of my head! I get so confused over what to do or not to do - everone's coach is so different - isn't there supposed to be one standard protocol? I can hardly afford the 5 packets a day, and now to add a 6th - why so much differeing information out there? I'm soooo confused! Wish there was some agreement to what was standard protocol for all coaches to tell us.
I'm thinking you need to find a different coach. My husband started at 370 pounds and was told to eat 4 packets a day, his choice. No mention of restricted or non restricted. In fact, the first 2 weeks all he had was the chocolate drink and mushroom soup, plus our meat meal in the evenings. in the third week, he added the caramel bars, once a day as a snack, to replace one of the chocolate drinks. In 11 weeks, he has lost almost 70 pounds and is doing fine. No sign of muscle loss. Good luck!
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