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Okay Tina.... so what you are telling me is... you don't want to share that pic of Tony and you together. FINE !!!

Just kidding. I thought he took it of you "at least standing" by Tony for goodness sakes. MEN !!!!
You should have kicked him in the butt at least. LOL

I just got back from eating out and I was such a "GOOD GIRL" !!!
I substituted 2 salads for my fries and coleslaw.

Sandy... you are making some MAJOR headway on your emotional recovery !!!! I am soooo proud of you. Is your journal open or private?

Deon... I did not take your post as hostile at all. You have nothing to apologize for. It is so easy to misinterept when people are writing. My one daughter used to write papers in school and read them to me. Then I would read the same words back to her and let her see how it could be misinterepted. It always amazed her how different people could make things sound.

Let's see... since I want to lose this weight so badly is there another secret I could let go of. Hmmmm
NOPE !! I guess I am not in the mood of "confessions" tonight. LOL Maybe in a few days.
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