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Thumbs down Hey chickies...

I'm here. My food has not been really good here lately. I think I got a little too free with my well, I can eat more points today and I'll just exercise more thinking. That type of thinking can come up and bite you in the I did go to WI today and I was up 1.8 lbs. but that's ok. I think possibly the only reason I was only up that much is because of all the exercise I've been doing. I went back and looked at my points for the last two weeks and out of the last 14 days, 6 of those....I had what I called "free point" days. Which means, I decided to eat what I wanted and then exercise really hard. Not too good, huh? I know, but I'm doing better now. Well, first thing tomorrow because you know I just had to have a birthday cupcake. I bought cupcakes for Trey's birthday, they are not nearly as tempting to me as a whole cake. It burns me up sometimes though....I just think if I could have all those "free point" days back and made better decisions that day....oh well, I'm sure you can finish the sentence. But that's part of learning, you know. Accepting the things you can't change and trying to make the future better.

I know I owe you all replies, but I've got company on the way here, so I will say this to 2cute since she's a little confused. DH never took the picture. My camera is very quirky. If you take a picture, you have to allow at least 5 seconds before you take the next one. If you push the button before it's ready to take the next picture, it just sets it further and further back. I handed the camera to dh and all he had to do was take the picture of me and Tony, but while I was talking to him, (Tony) Ron had taken a picture of Tony right as I had asked him if we could get a picture together, so my stupid camera was not quite ready to take another one. So Ron's standing there away on the camera and it's not doing a blasted thing. So Ron's standing there forever and it's just not working and Tony said, "Come on guys" cause we were holding up 550 more people and when Tony said that, Ron just gave up and never took the picture. It was quite hilarious should have seen the look on Ron's face. He knew he was in for it!

Ok, company just pulled in the driveway.....I will be back later.

Love you guys!
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