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Just wanted to clarify that the cake was from the weekend when we had his party. It was what was left of the cake, but I know there was like over half of it still. But, like I said less temptation for me.

Deon, wow a week old turkey, bet that was one baddddddd smell. And about loving yourself, so true!!! I have come to terms with myself, and I do like the person I grew up to be. I do not like the shell on the outside, but am fixing that.

Wanted you all to know what a good talk I had with my dad today. Remember I told you all about the alcoholism. Well, anyway I took my son over today to get his birthday gift and dad and I ended up having a meaningful talk. "Truth be known, I think he had had a few" But I told him things that bothered me and he agreed that he was not the best father and had made a lot of mistakes and was sorry but there was no way he could take them back, which is true. He complimented me on always being a good kid and what a wonderful LADY I had turned into. Yes my dad called me a LADY. That word to me mean so much more that woman. A Lady seems to earn a lot of respect in my book. He told me he was glad and proud I had made a good life for myself and that I was a good mom. He admited about the alcohol and said he was young and foolish and didnt know half of what he was doing. This is true too (he and my mom had me when they were just 17) and my dad had full custody of me and my brother when he was 20 and in the service. So, yes maybe life was not easy. But NO I will not make excuses for him, I've done that all my life and will not do it anymore!!! I told him I was jelous of my little brother and his relationship with him (he is 12, I feel like he is my son) But that I was 33 and dealing with it. He said he understood, and knew he was a much better father now than then. Okay enough of my life~~~~sorry. Maybe I need to put this in my journal, I think I will!!! Major day in my life I guess.

Talk to you all later,
Love and Hugs,
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