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Exclamation WOW! So many posts!

There's so many posts and so little time. how do I respond to them all. Ok here goes.

Thin: Thanks for the encouragement, and on the salad dressing issue at fast food, I keep a bottle of lowfat with me at all times. This time of year its easy to keep in car without spoiling, but what will I do in summer??

Sandy: Bummer on the cake! I would have cried first Then I would have laughed about it. But just so ya know, your not the only one to have done such a thing . I had stuck a leftover turkey from thanksgiving in the oven and forgot all about it and a week later turned on the oven, well imagine the smell! And I can sooo relate to the water issue. I really think I am going to float away as well.

2cute:I do have pics of myself, I just don't want to admit it or see them ever. I will take some now though because I do want to see a true before and after. I am also on video, no thanks to my husband.
Ok I just proofread my post and it sounded so hostile. I really don't mean to come across that way, so please, forgive me if I offended. I just hate the way I look so much that I guess the anger comes across in my typing. my apologies.
bobsgal: On the fast food lawsuit issue. I don't agree with suing at all, so that does irritate me, because I too feel that people are so quick to blame others and if it weren't for all the frivolous lawsuits out there cost of many things would be much less. But I do think that fast food places also need to take some responsibility, yes we know it is bad for us, but when they keep supersizing and advertising it is more and more difficult. Even though I am still responsible for my own desicion. That's all I have to say on that.

Kat: I may have worded that wrong about the picture showing the true me, because I do love myself,(sometimes maybe too much) but I guess what I meant to say was that I don't feel half as big as that person in the picture. I know its just numbers, but I sometimes feel like I am fooling myself, and think I am thinner when I am really a huge ! Well anyway. Thanks for pointing that out, because we all need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else.

Anyway, I guess I have spouted enough. I must go and clean this place called home, so the kids can come home and mess it up so I can go do it again tomorrow.

I think I will crank up the music and make it a work out. Woo hoo! big step there!

TTFN to all!

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