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Hi everyone! Just taking a lunch 2:00 in the afternoon! YIKES! Went out to work and then came home to pee and eat my salad. Gotta head back out again in a minute.

Please be sure and check the last thread if you didn't read from everyone.

Jen: I'm glad to see that fast food places are now making it a little easier to stay on some sort of healthy path. Most have salads of some sort (just watch the dressings), and almost all of them have a grilled chicken sandwich that without the mayo or honey mustard sauce is actually quite reasonable. The only one I haven't been able to find reasonable is Taco Bell, but then all of their stuff is just plain yummy!!!!

2cute: WOW! I never knew that about searching the site. I sure could have used the info a long time ago though! Where the heck were you BEFORE I spent hours searching????

Steph: Oh you brave girl, starting a new debate! I think those people sueing fast food are out of their minds!!! I certainly know that when I have a burger it's not as healthy as a salad. Give me a break!!! The sad part is, they'll probably win! So much for the judicial system....but then that's another debate too!

Katrina: Well, I'm glad somebody finally said something to bring you out of hiding! It is very hard to look past that number on the scale. I think there is a huge lack of confidence in most women of size.

Well girls, gotta go get that other job done. See ya later.
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