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Good Morning,
We seem to be at a stand still with the gas prices at anywhere from $ least that's what it was yesterday, who knows what's up for today.

Donna, What kind of internet business are they in? sounds interesting, altho' it would scare me to death. I can see why ebay could become addictive.
Have a great trip to Indiana.......hopefully the weather will stay pretty. It's 19 here, but sunny, so who can complain? "It's a Beatiful Day in the Neighborhood". Saw a tribute to Fred Rogers on CSpan over the weekend..........what a special man he was. I got really teary watching it. He impacted the lives of millions of people..........thank Goodness.

I was walking my neighbor's 150# Golden this morning, and he jerked the heck out of my back lurching to greet the garbagemen. I'm going to go soak it and see if I can calm it down. If he wanted to, he could haul me all over the neighborhood. I bring him over to my back yard to run, as he never gets off the leash otherwise. He was her father's dog, and if anything ever happened to him she'd be devastated.

Y'all have a good one.
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