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Default Yoga is the shiz-nit.

Like, for real. I'm doing Hatha Yoga as a one hour credit for my college this semester, which means I go to "class" twice a week for a little over an hour each time [TR, 9:25 - 10:40am].

I am EXHAUSTED today. Today was only the fourth class, but I'm still sore from "taking it slow" on Tuesday. I thought maybe it was just me being bigger [fat] and being mostly sedentary, but when the teacher asked us how we've felt since Tuesday, almost the whole class agreed that we're all sore! Apparently it has to do with how the muscles/etc. are stretched out. I did the research, but I'm pretty tired right now. Might post a more in depth analysis later lol.

And also, I feel pretty betrayed! No one said ANYTHING about push ups and crunches when I signed up for this class! [j/k] The teacher is having us do both in class in the middle of the routines to build up muscle. She says we'll "thank her for it later" when we're doing harder poses at the end of the semester. Seriously though, this class is kicking my *** and I'm loving it! I feel completely worn out afterward, but I also feel limber and loose and warm! It feels amazing.

Just wanted to put it out there...if anyone is looking for a good way to be introduced to the world of stretching/minor work outs, yoga is totally the way to go. Or Tai Chi! Doing that in the spring. Both are very pain/injury friendly.

I also gained a half pound [which depresses me] but the Boyfriend swears I've already started slimming down. Praying it's muscle!
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