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Originally Posted by Angie View Post
Jillian -- What size are you wearing now for pants? I would have guessed you to be in a 10 or so, is that right? Feel free to tell me it's none of my business too!
i have no clue to be honest..i wear jeans from Vanity (which they have all different styles and the sizes are waist sizes like guys jeans are, and with the different style (which have different names, etc.) you could wear a size 31 in one style and then a 31 in another style would be too's weird. and i haven't been jeans shopping since 2008, but my 31's(with stretch) that i bought pre-pregnancy a getting loose. and my last measurements i took in mid august, my waist was a 32.5. so i have no clue. but i'm gonna have to shop sometime in the near future. i was thinking xmas time..but maybe sooner?
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