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Talking Rapid Weight Loss Worth The Wait!

Originally Posted by meandmax View Post
Good morning everyone, second week WI was not great...did not drop a pound.. what a bummer, although not surprised. They did measure me and I went down 14.3/4 inches since I started. Weekends are brutal for me. I have a busy social life and it is SO hard not to stray!! any suggestions? I get so darn hungry. I do admit i have a hard time getting all my vegies in at lunch time...sometimes I just gag at the thought of it. I don't know why, I love vegies...I just have a hard time with them at lunch...well 2 cups of them that is. And I've also had a couple of drinks on the weekend....i know it is a faux pas!!
Hi MeandMax, sorry, that would be so hard! Giving up wine was one of those hard commitments for me to make. I like my occasional creature comforts. I'm sure you know that one drink, or eating white flour or sugar, etc takes us out of ketosis. ketosis is really the key to this diets rapid weight loss, and it sucks to have to go through the rough 2-4 days just to get back into it if you have a slip (I've only been on IP 5 days but did another similar ketosis diet in the past). IP is not really a diet you can slip up on often and expect great results. If it's that's hard to follow a weight watchers type approach might be better. It has slower weight loss but it allows you more flexibility in your food choices.

The thing that I believe is going to help me keep from cheating is knowing that eventually I'll be able to have more variety when I'm done, but the rapid weight loss is definitely worth the trade off to me! Hope you have a better week, hang in there!
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