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Originally Posted by sarahs1976 View Post
Can someone tell me if I should start this diet when I am trying to get pregnant?
sarahs1976: re doing IP while trying to conceive Sarah, I'm glad to see you found the main chat thread. You are posting in the right thread for today, and I hope you feel that you've found the right place to get your questions answered.

You're looking at a serious endeavor, conceiving, carrying and delivering a child. I'm far less concerned about the effect of IP on your hormones than the impact of being on a calorie-restricted diet in the first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy before you know you're pregnant. Women have had low calorie diets and conceived children for forever. You don't have to do that or take the risks with your child's health that arise in that situation. In fact you have access to knowledge and tools to get yourself into unbelievably healthy condition before getting pregnant.

Aside from the text in red below, do not listen to anonymous, though nice and well-intentioned, people on the internet about something that could have life-long health impacts for your child.

Consult a physician, preferably one who's familiar with your medical history.There's information about Phase 1 of the plan in the Phases thread, specifically this post. Print out the Phase 1 sheet and take it to your doctor. Get his or her advice about whether IP is appropriate for you while trying to conceive.

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