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Default Beach Vacation Diet Detour

I would love any advice from those of you who have been on South Beach for a while. I'm just finishing Phase I, feeling good, no "cheating" at all, plenty of exercise. Here's my conundrum:

We are leaving in a few days for a week of family vacation on the beach. There will be four of us couples and the three kids, which includes my own 16yo son. We'll be stocking the condo with groceries so I'll be able to do a good breakfast daily and shouldn't have trouble with lunch. Dinners might be a tad trickier since three of those nights I won't be cooking and the other couples have already prepared their menus. Dinners out shouldn't be too bad since it's gonna be seafood galore and salad. So I'm mostly okay.

What I'm really concerned with: in the past, family vacation means donuts (which actually make me sick now so I have already sworn off them, and I mean it!) and beer and lots of fruit and beer and maybe some cookies and then more beer. It sounds terrible when I put it that way but if me and my husband are enjoying a week on the sand and the surf, there's gonna be a cooler of beer there. Now, I have done well so far. What exactly is a week of imbibing going to do to me?

My current plan is to do the best I can, maintaining at all opportunities, have a few beers, and relax, going back onto Phase I for a week when I get home again. Is this reasonable? Or do I need to WATCH MYSELF at all costs? Help?
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