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I have been reading my way through the old "life after phase I" thread and WILL finish it, but in the meantime a girl needs to eat.

here I am in day 2 in the land of big breakfasts and looking for ideas. I want to be introducing habits I know I can sustain in my new life, so I don't end up where I was before. (Eating a starbucks protein shake and a double shot of espresso and calling it breakfast, etc.)

I'd rather not have eggs every day and I don't eat yougurt, so I'm thinking about making some breakfast menus that don't assume either of those for protein. Also, I'd like to have some breakfasts I can make the night before, then eat them in the cab on the way to the airport (which is a 30 minute ride almost every week. Getting up, cooking and then cleaning up at 5am is just so not going to happen in my life).

So, first question: Is it possible to keep a RTD or other product for the protein, or is the idea to get onto all whole protein?

and, Here's my first idea and I'd love some feedback.

1 orowheat sandwich thin (22g carb, 5g fiber, 100 calories, made with sucralose and no sugar)
3 strips bacon
Sprinklings of low fat cheese (or maybe 2T reduced fat cream cheese?)

1 vanilla RTD
1 box raisins (22 carbs, 2g fiber, 90 calories)

does that meet all the requirements? Funny, this is like learning a new language. But I'm really excited to become foodie "bi-lingual" at last!

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