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Originally Posted by KelleyAnn View Post
I have a question about moving to phase 2. I am currently on phase 1, weighing 145.5 on my home scale, my original goal was 140, thinking now I may go as low as 136. But I want to make sure I give myself the 3-5 lb cushion to regain when I start eating carbs. My coach says basically it's up to me about switching to phase 2. I will have been on phase 1 six weeks this Sunday. I have lost 19.5 1bs. My coach is pretty strict and I have had no restricted packets or restricted veggies the entire time, and no cheats. My weight loss averaged 4 lbs a week for the first four weeks, but for the last 2 weeks, I'm only averaging 2 lbs of loss. and my Question is...When should I switch to phase 2? Any opinions? Don't want to slow down my weight loss, but don't want to stall out either. I'm down to only chocolate pudding and omelets that I like for packets.

Kelley-I have just started phase 2 because I am leaving for Italy in a week for 10 days. I wanted to have more choices of protein on the trip and to carry less IP food with me. I am at about 80% of my goal. My IP doc and I both wanted me to be at more like 90 or 95% so that would be my suggestion for you. I have been on IP for a long time now-- a bit of a change will probably be good. And I will go back to phase 1 when I return if I need to. But for you, just know that my IP doc really feels that 90% is a much better choice. Hope that helps and good luck!
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