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Originally Posted by KelleyAnn View Post
I have a question about moving to phase 2. I am currently on phase 1, weighing 145.5 on my home scale, my original goal was 140, thinking now I may go as low as 136. But I want to make sure I give myself the 3-5 lb cushion to regain when I start eating carbs. My coach says basically it's up to me about switching to phase 2. I will have been on phase 1 six weeks this Sunday. I have lost 19.5 1bs. My coach is pretty strict and I have had no restricted packets or restricted veggies the entire time, and no cheats. My weight loss averaged 4 lbs a week for the first four weeks, but for the last 2 weeks, I'm only averaging 2 lbs of loss. and my Question is...When should I switch to phase 2? Any opinions? Don't want to slow down my weight loss, but don't want to stall out either. I'm down to only chocolate pudding and omelets that I like for packets.

My perspective is slightly different, as I was at 96% of my goal when I moved to Phase 2.... I had stayed on to overlap a week with my sister, who was just starting the program. I hit my target on day 8 of Phase 2, lost 2 more pounds as I stayed on it a few days so I could start Phase 3 on a Saturday, then lost a few pounds more (albeit less quickly) as I transitioned to maintenance.

A couple of points:

Your average is terrific, so don't even think about that. I also slowed a bit as I was wrapping up (~2 pounds average for the last 3 weeks in Phase 1), but I was also losing inches and clothing sizes like crazy. That continued even in transition, when the weight came off slowly (or stopped) in Phases 3 and 4.

Your current target does not get you to a 22 BMI, nor will it cover the glycogen add-back. While it was not my plan, I am THRILLED that I went a little lower than my goal. If you move to Phase 2 now, you will probably need to be there more than two weeks at your current pace.

My recommendation would be to shoot for the lower number, and move to Phase 2 when you hit 90%. For me, taking off the last 10 pounds was a little magical, because of all the changes my body was going through in response to losing so much fat, so I don't view it as a bad place to be.

You have a couple of opinions to consider, so give it some thought. Whatever you decide to do will get you there eventually, so go with what you think will work best for you.

Good luck!

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