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Originally Posted by Midlife Meggie View Post
Now look what I've done!

Mods, when you edit the original thread (and by all means, please take out any reference to my clothing I might have made!), can you add in posts from this thread (primarily by Novak I'm guessing) which have ongoing relevance, so we can access them as well?

Hey, darlin'... Ruth locked but I think forgot to Sticky. Could you edit to link back to the original Life After before it falls off the page?

Originally Posted by WannabeIP View Post
Ok so I am gone for a few days and our original thread was closed ..... I had a major panic attack but then I calmed down and found you all again. So this week has been crazy... back on phase 1 since I got back from holidays really because I havent had time to grocery shop nor cook so the packets are super easy and ketosis and I are in love.... I feel great even supercharged plus I can get lots done as I dont need much sleep... where has the summer gone?
I know... with you gone, they figured it wasn't worth keeping it open. Don't abandon us like that again.

How long are you back on Phase 1?

Originally Posted by Journeysend View Post
I was wondering if anyone has heard from has been awhile since I have seen her on IP forum.
Not since June, I think.

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