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Welcome to everyone new! IP is great and you're going to love it.

So, I saw someone posting about switching clinics and consulting fees and I thought I would offer my 2 cents. When I first talked with my coach on the phone he shared about a few things, then explained more when I had my first meeting. The reality as I see it, is that they make most of their money off of the IP product they sell. Here in Canada Dr's aren't allowed to sell anything (make a profit) so they can't offer IP (though they could recommend it). So anyone who has been taught by IP about the program can choose to offer it. My husband was quick to point out when I explained things to him, that there is no way my coach could make a living off of the consulting fee (mine was $100 then he would be my coach for as long as it took me to lose the weight). I really think most coaches are offering this because they've done the program and believe it works and want others to benefit. But the other part is, that this is their job and they need you to buy their product to make their living. So if you go to a new clinic you are not doing them a favour, they are gaining another customer so it is in their best interest to get you to their clinic.

I hope this makes sense and doesn't sound too sceptical, I have kids hanging off my arms while I write this so I don't feel very eloquent in my writing. And I really do believe in IP, it's worked for me so far to lose about 22lbs. I just want people/consumers to be armed or empowered with the facts so they don't get taken advantage of.

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