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Originally Posted by luciddepths View Post
So... I know i shouldnt feel this way! but really i had no where to turn.

I'm 23 going on 24.. EVERYONE around me is either Married, getting married, JUST engaged or having a baby or just had one. I'm feeling alittle left in the dust if you will. Been with my sweet heart 6 years this December.

I dont want to rush him but i feel im ready for something, you know? I know he is still in school (going for physics engineering, in his last year)

I know i can't justify it, its just everywhere i look people are doing that and thats where i would like to go....Im not sure what i mean.. i just wanted to tell SOMEONE that i feel kinda sad about it.
I will be 25 in a little over a week and I know how you are feeling. My friends are getting married and having children and I dont seem to be falling into that category. I was in a horrible relationship until March of this year... which was when I finally got the courage to leave. He was married 3 months after my departure. I was heartbroken but I am so grateful that I didnt marry him or jump into something I was unsure of.

Yes, many people are getting married - and many will get divorced. Wait until it is your time and you are sure of it.

you are not alone.

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