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I know how you feel. I'm 26, recently single, and no children. I don't even know any single women. All of my girl friends are married and/or have kids. It's kinda depressing when I feel like the odd man out... but at the same time I'm doing a lot of things that they can't do or wish they could. I bet a lot of them would love to be single again, or have less responsibility, or time to do something for themselves. So it's kind of a trade off. When I stop thinking about what other people have or what they're doing I don't really feel like I'm in a rush to have all of those things. Really the only reason I feel kinda disappointed about it is because I don't really want to have children after 30 and I feel like time and my body aren't on my side haha. If it weren't for those things I'd be pretty content with my life this way for a long time. Although I still don't want to put what I'm doing right now (school/career) on hold just to get the husband and family. I'm not really ready for it yet.

I'd say if you've done all of the educational, career, and life experience type things that you want to do on your own, and you're financially and emotionally ready to take on the responsibilities of marriage and family, then go for it. And make sure he's done the same and ready for the same. You might be there, but I'd make sure he is too before you really consider it. And if he's not, but it's what you want, then you'll have to decide if it's worth waiting until he's ready. I wouldn't rush into anything just because everyone else is.
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