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Well I changed my ticker from 175 to 174 since 173.8 is technically that . with hopes not to see 174 or 175 again but you never know. I started TOM, yippy. I sometimes feel and look bloated and other times I look fine. Weird I had a pretty good day. No complaints ...

My eats today 8/23/10

Breakfast (370)
cup of grapes, 3/4c Kashi dry, Slim Fast Choc Shake

Snack (195)
1tbsp Chitpotle & 1tbsp Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and 12 tortilla scoops <--- very good

Lunch (442)
2 slices whole wheat, w/2oz deli turkey & deli Swiss w/light mayo, probiotic choc pudding with cool whip and 1/2 grapefruit

Snack (100)
100 Calorie chip ahoy

Dinner (347)
Salad with salad greens, fresh spinach w/ croutons, Parmesan cheese and FF 1000 island, 1c grapes and fit & active peach yogurt <--- I'm full but I think it's from my 32ozs of water

Total calories 1456
Water 96ozs plus 22oz = 118ozs yay me
Exercise 3.44 miles track <--- yay. Going walking with the same person tomorrow maybe I'll get to do 4 ... I'm excited, can't wait.

Hoping for a great weigh in tomorrow

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