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Originally Posted by riby View Post
This is what I've been eating for the last 6 days. Prior to this my Doctor had me emphasizing salads for 5 days and prior to that he had me walking 30 min. per day for 3 days. He said he was testing my body to see what it needed/wanted to be able to go to the next level. Breakfast: Ip drink (wildberry yogurt) & vitamins
Lunch: barbq soy puffs & 2 cups steamed broc. caul. w. sea salt
Dinner: I will eat 5 oz. chicken & 2 c. steamed caul. and broc. & vitamins
Snack: choc. pudding.
Water: 1 gallon
This is what I've been eating for the last 6 days. I eat one restricted food a day at my doctors encouragement.
I would ditch the puffs, and limit the broccoli & cauliflower to 1x a day.

A cup of broccoli or cauliflower is around 5 carbs (4.6 broccoli, 5.2 cauli -both raw) so that's 20 carbs from just the veg, plus your restricted pack (8) and drink (5) and pudding (3) add up to 36 total carbs. Try some mushrooms, spinach, cucumbers and other lower carb veg. That might help. If you are hungry add them to a big romaine salad.

I know when I was up that high in total carbs those were the weeks I was having problems and/or gaining.

Hope this helps!

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