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Originally Posted by riby View Post

I don't understand. What do you mean when you say what does my day or week look like? Do you mean times that I eat and what I eat in the course of a day? Or do you mean list weight lost per week like you have?

I don't use any sweeteners. I have one restricted packet a day. I don't drink crystal light, just lots and lots of water! I occasionally have a hot cup of tea (without sweetners) to help stave off hunger.

Thank you for the encouraging words Xanthia. Based on IP's claims I was really counting on and looking forward to a minimum of 3 lbs weight loss per week. Didn't all you IP dieters think that would happen? Has anyone experienced a minimum of 3 lbs. weight loss per week every week? I'm trying to adjust my expectations.
I mean your food log, sorry. Like exactly what you eat. Our bodies are all different and if you post that then someone might be able to say "oh, you had veggie x, I've had a problem with this stalling me in the past" or something.

If you are doing 1 restricted, I would say cut that out, and do the "Bootcamp" phase which is no restricted packets or veggies. It might work out for you.

I know how you feel about the weight loss. I never saw the magic numbers myself as you can see in my ticker. Claims are the same for every diet. I seem to always be in the may not apply category. However, it is going in the right direction, and that's the point and the big goal.

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