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Talking What a long, strange absence it's been!

Hello strangers!

I see by my log in stats that the last time I logged in here was in January. I vaguely remember that!

So in January, I had just been unwilling promoted while vacationing in Australia and was starting penultimate quarter at the university. Work was making me pretty miserable -- I put work first and that's never made me happy. I didn't exercise because I was in the office constantly and between work and school, I had no free time. Since I love exercise, this just made me more irritable.

Me now: I graduated from UCSD and was accepted to a 6-week intensive writing workshop program. This was pretty big deal since 180 people applied and they only accept 18 students. My employer decided not to give me the leave of absence for that so I quit. I just returned from the workshop program and I'm writing at home while I look for a part-time job. The Cute Boyfriend is being very supportive and we're both being frugal since we don't have my income anymore.

I'm about 25 pounds up from where I was before quitting my weightloss journey. That's a lot of weight to lose all over again! Boo!

I'm back on WeightWatchers and I am working on adding exercise back into my life. I figured that 3FC has been a huge part of success so I'm back here to get my support group back!

I'm also not used to having such a flexible schedule! Maybe if you have a flexible schedule, how do you make sure you accomplish what you want in a day?

Any advice on some free strength training exercises?
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