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S/C/G: HW/220~SW/197.2~GW 141

Height: 5'3


Tomorrow is my official weigh in day. I am so hoping that scale says 175 so I can change my ticker. I was 175.4 yesterday, and 175.6 today.

My eats for today 8/9/10 ...

Breakfast (310)
skim, 1.5 cups honey nut cheerios, V8 fusion

Snack (190)
6 baked lays w/ fiesta dip, fit & active cinna twist

Lunch (388)
cup of grapes, cup of broccoli, 2/3 cup potatoes, 2oz teriyaki chicken, 2tbsp ketchup, fit & active thin wheats

Dinner (295)
Burger King salad, ff 1000 island, garlic butter croutons, Activia light peach yogurt, rice cake

Total calories 1333
Water intake 118oz
Exercise walked 3 miles track

The boys made cinnamon muffins but the didn't use any butter or oil. I had a half size one since they didn't rise. I have no clue as to how many calories were in it. So I added 150 to today's calories.
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