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Wow, look what happens when I sleep in I was up in the middle of the night with allergy yuckiness so caught up a little this morning.

Ruth - Bet those dogs missed you. I do love traveling by train but the delays must be frustrating. Happy day back home

Debbie - Sounds like another full day with a nice mix of things.

Schmoodle - I love cool nights and mornings. Hope the weather is perfect there and everything is a success (So nice to see you more often. I missed you!)

Cottage - Put the trays in the freezer for a few minutes and the fruit will come off easier. I've had the same problem with peaches. I like to sprinkle my tomatoes with basil and garlic powder. Yum

Karen - Happy Farmer's Marketing I just got an email that a local farm is having a big produce sale so I'm heading down there after breakfast. The cantaloupe are suddenly ready Can't save them but I do enjoy them right out of the field.

As usual I have too much planned for the weekend I'll get through what I can and do a little prioritizing after coffee (the first priority!). I want to pick blueberries once more, do some garden stuff, get the dehydrator loaded with peppers, clean a lot, do some laundry and defrost the little chest freezer and sort jars for dried stuff. I also need to stop at a friends and we plan to kayak tomorrow morning. Oh, and my bike really misses me. Hmm, that is a lot. Need more coffee
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