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I was fired from my last job because of 'poor performance' and a 'bad attitude'.

The job was an extremely busy one (meant for two people really, but, y'know, budget cuts) and I wasn't being trained properly, I had next to no support and when I commented on this, I was basically told to just shut up and get on with it. How dare I question the management! Oh, and fyi, my replacement has been signed off with stress for three months.

The lovely irony is, the guy who fired me was fired from his new job after less than three months. AND it made the national news because it was quite high-profile. I allowed myself a small gloat.

Anyway, I should be thanking them because them firing me spurred me into losing weight, generally bettering myself and landing a very nice little job that I recently got my first ever promotion in. So good things DO come out of being fired.
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