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Good morning all and happy August! I can't believe it's AUGUST already, lol!

Well, my wish came true...I broke 147 today, and came very close to breaking 146, lol! I stepped on the scale and could hardly believe my eyes when it read 146.2! Yay, lol. Unlike Silverbirch, I do MUCH better at home, lol. I go for longer periods between eating and there is usually no stress to weaken my resolve plus there are lots of things I can do for distraction...not so much at work.

I got a tiny bit more sleep. I still woke up at 1 a.m., but was able to get a back to sleep a little more often I think. Not sure what's up with the 1 a.m. thing, but I want it to go away, lol.

Have not done anything YET, but will get some exercise in one way or another today. My stomach is a little sorer again today, but not bad enough to keep me from doing anything. A walk may be in order if the overcast will ever leave. I like to walk early when it's quiet and light traffic, but I also want sun. I'm pretty sure I'm low on Vitamin D at the moment and it would be nice to get a little natural D. If it gets too late, I'll do a DVD and some Walk It Out.

Seadwaters(Cheryl) Good job on getting yourself to the gym! Very, very good job at planning and thinking through things! Glad to hear Bonnie is playing! That makes me smile!

BillBlueEyes It's been a bit cooler here too...I wore a sweatshirt around most of the day Friday and when I was home yesterday, lol.

gardenerjoy LOL on the green tomatoe. Unfortunately I know nothing of growing tomatoes...only eating them, lol. And, re Just Dance. It's got some good music and you try to copy the moves they show you. A little comical in my case, but good exercise trying to catch up!

Waving to everyone else!!

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