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Originally Posted by MarMinx View Post
I too have a Prolactinoma (micro adenoma) and unfortunately, first time around 5 years ago, I had a negative reaction to Bromocriptine, which is only one of two medications I know of to shrink the tumour.

My biggest concern though, was the weight gain I have experienced, along with the course hair growth I have grown out of nowhere on my chin, side-burns and chest! Being a 34e year old woman, I have found this most embarassing and my self-esteem ahs sufferred greatly.

I hardly eat, and yet my weight has become a problem for me. I used to be an Australian size 10 to 12, and I am now a size 16!

The worst thing of all is that even though one can lower testosterone levels and lower Prolactin (both my levels are up and down), appreantly the hair follicles "remember" the growth, and regardless of the "evening out" of ones hormones; the course hair continues to grow. Has anyone else had this problem with weight gain and hair growth too?

I lost my last baby at 21 weeks, and I have been researching the prolcatinoma and its' affect on pregnancy...and I was suprised to note that high prolactin releases Oxytocin - the chemical that brings on contractions in a pregnant woman! Does anyone feel that this could've been the reason I had 2 very premature births for my first two kids, and lost the third child?? Your thoughts?
i was told by my doctor that due to the prolactinoma i will have a really hard time getting pregnant, and if i do the chances of going through the whole pregnancy is really low. And the hair yes is really embarrasing, I am 21 i bounce from a size 5-10, and my prolactinoma never seems to be controlled. I have facial hair, i have had hair on my chest, its just horrible!!! i really understand how you feel and I am so glad to finally find somewhere where there is girls with the same problem.
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