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I "quit dieting" a long time ago. What I do, still would look an awful lot like dieting to anyone who isn't me.

I try to keep a food journal and stick to my exchange plan, but sometimes I get distracted and don't count as carefully as I should have. I don't look at that as a slip or a failure or a reason to "star over," it's just what can happen if I get distracted by something else. Life is about imperfection. Most of our goals aren't acheived through perfection, sometimes the road to success is sloppy and filled with accidents. If I get side-tracked and forget to clean my house, or intentionally procrastinate and do something else, I don't beat myself up, accuse myself of sabotaging my efforts and secretly wanting to live in a dump. I don't see myself as doomed to live in filth, because I have a slightly messy house (or even not-so-slightly) and chose not to clean it up right away.

I think when it comes to weight loss, we often think we're doomed, if we don't follow a perfect path. The winding path can still get us there (as long as we haven't actually chosen a path that is circular, not winding).

I succeed best when I count my exchanges and log my food. That's probably going to be a goal of mine for life (or at least the foreseeable future), and although that looks a lot like "dieting" (in fact, it's indistinguishable from dieting), it's very different mentally.

I don't stress over imperfections, I don't see myself as "breaking" my diet if I'm not perfect, and I don't invision a time when this kind of attention will not be necessary (It could happen, but I'm not counting on it).

I think the dieting mentality is often fatal to weight loss. It's often so restrictive, it's hard to find enjoyable. That doesn't have to be the case at all. It's why I chose an exchange plan (and why many people choose other forms of calorie counting).

Even when I switched to low-carb primal eating as my goal, I still translated it into an exchange plan, because it doesn't feel like I've swithced to just one more different diet. Rather I'm integrating new knowledge and goals into my existing program - it feels like a smooth transition, not just one more "new diet."

When it comes to weight loss, there are a lot of opinions, and even the experts can't agree, so experimentation is all we've got. Just remember a failed experiment isn't a failure, it's a success in discovering what doesn't work.
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