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Magnolia Rayne
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Screen Name: Magnolia Rayne

Age/Age Range: 36

Family Life: I have a beautiful daughter who is my world and a loving, supportive husband who means everything to me.

Occupation: Graphics designer/Homemaker

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing/blogging, singing, dancing

Favorite Music: Anything up beat, motivating and makes me feel alive.

Favorite Color(s): Any shade of brown, Hunter green, Black

Favorite Exercise/Workouts: Walking, dancing, strength training, pilates

What are your fitness/health goals? To reach a health weight of 130 lbs and to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. To exercise on a daily basis and to actually enjoy it and look forward to it. To drink more water and eat more freggies.

What was the "trigger" or incident that made you decide it was time to lose weight and become more fit? When my mother's neighbor walked over to my daughter after not seeing her for a year and noticed she had lost all her weight (due to meds) and said to her, "thank God your not fat anymore. I thought you would end up as fat as your mother."

What do you struggle with the most on this journey to health? Exercising regularly

What are three things in the area of diet/exercise you need to improve?
1.) Setting exercise as a priority
2.) Emotional eating
3.) Water intake

(Evil motivation ) Who do you want to look better than?: My brother-in law's girlfriend and my cousin.

What can you not wait to wear when you are at goal weight or size? A beautiful sun dress that comes mid-thigh
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