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girl, this is normal. You are not who you were, but you are not yet who you are going to be. You are a tween. It's going to take some getting used to, but I wouldn't have known about your dilemma if it wasn't common. Make sure you got alot of pictures of you. That will really help to orient you to who you are now. You can think of it like amnesia of your old self. There are still pics, but surround yourself with alot of stuff about you. Also find a hobby, things you really like to do. This is a wonderful time to reinvent yourself.

you are now a healthy fit, vivacious, sexy in clothes--go getter.

btw, if you want less tummy but want to keep the girls, i would eat more protein and do ab work, you can't spot reduce, but making the muscles thicker makes the abdomen look flatter and more attractive. also i don't know how low fat your diet is, but I would add healthy fat to your diet in the form of nuts and healthy oils. Reason being, why do you lose the girls? your body goes on a hunt for something to burn. If you are not giving it sugar, it goes for fat. if you are not giving it fat, it goes for protein-ie your muscles.
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