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I am not expecting much out of the first three days. When I started the program last time, I did not lose anything the first week, but lost 8 lbs in the following two weeks!! SO...I will not be too disappointed if the scale doesnt move this afternoon. I think it takes my body a bit of time to adjust to the program.

I LOVE peanut is a weakness of mine. If I could have it once a week I would be oh so happy! I am anxious to see the weekends off plan....but they will not let me start it for another month.

Right now, the wedding is June 19, 2004. I am submitting my application for the church this week....and we will find out June 1, 2003 if we get it. *keeping fingers crossed* I gave them a couple alternative dates, so I am guessing something will work out. I am just ready to get the church booked so I can start booking other vendors! I can not believe how much work it is to plan a wedding!!! Between work, school, and wedding planning I do not have much free time.
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