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Hello Munbun and Jibbelle...

It is great to see people posting....

Jib....Peanut butter...mmm...mmm...good. Yes, I mention peanut butter because it is the one thing that I crave on this diet. And I crave it more when it is close to TOM. I looked at the weekends off plan but I never tried it. I was afraid of too many starches. I just love starches and I was afraid that I would not be able to get back on track after the weekend. So I opted not to do weekends off...but on the weekends off plan you can have peanut butter one time. Sometimes I thought of just doing it for the peanut butter...*smile*. Let us know the results of the 3 days. So how much longer till the wedding?? How are the plans??

Munbun....Yes...I love my girl time. I have a group of friends that I have known since about middle school and we like to get together every month or sooo. It doesn't always work out but we like to try. We have sooo much fun when we are together it is cheaper than a therapy session...*smile* and much better. We all struggle with our weight. Most of my friends have been married for several years and have children. I am still and newlywed with no kids. Of course, I hear how much our life will change once we have kids. And I am sure it will. I have a lot of free quiet time to myself. My husbands works rotating shifts and he works midnights for a month and that is when I have the most time. I actually get bored sometimes. Because they are always busy with husbands/kids. So.....I am now going to try and plan just a Sunday brunch and a movie. I will work on this when I get back from my work off-site. I was really looking forward to the sleep over...but maybe next time. We now have hardwood floors in our house and I feel your pain. We had a few bad spots....water spots....we actually had to redo the area. Sanding and husband handled it I just know it was pretty intense work going on. We have an older home and we have made many major changes soooo every time we start a project we prepare our selves for the worst. You just hit a little bump in the long as you get yourself back on the pavement you will be just fine...*smile*
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