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Tab, thanks, and Congrats to you on your Pound.
Sorry your sleep over was cancelled. It sounded so fun, like something I would do. I think women need other women. Don't get me wrong I love my husband dearly and we are great together , but women just need the support and fun and laughs with other women, I don't think men need that connection as much as women do. Any way, I hope you reschedule.
My best friend lives in Fredricksburg and I try to get down there every year, we have a blast. Her husband just says OK, girl time and he stays busy, my husband doesn't usually come and we have so much fun.....we have been friends since we were 4.......
we have also done the weight thing many times together, she is in the process of losing 70 lbs.
Thanks for the support everyone who has written me, I have stayed on program all week end and that in the midst of a few crisis'.
We are having a hardwopod floor put in our dining room and when we pulled up the carpet we found a big wet spot int he corner, I mean big. Now I have to call the insurance co, get that looked at and fixed, etc. etc. now I have all my dining room in my kitchen and it will also longer than I thought......
Sorry I got of track from food. I will watch that next time.....
good luck and have a good week, I will be waiting to hear how you made out. Munbun
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