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Originally Posted by TaylorMayde View Post
So I'm a little disappointed. I went to my moms house today, and she hasn't seen me since I actually started the diet. I knew she wouldn't be able to see the progress in person, so I pulled up the pictures to show her. She was just like "okay..." and walked away. My feelings are super crushed
I don't know which is worse, the seeming indifference of a parent, or a parent who just pats you on the head and says "I knew you could do it," totally negating all the hard work you put into doing it. So see what you missed?

Frankly, I would have been crushed, too. But with longevity comes perspective. I'm with Carla. I think your mom probably didn't want to vest too much emotion at this point thinking she might set you up for a fall when all she really needed to do was just give you a little encouragement. Well, you've got it here, and in spades.
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