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I completely understand what you are saying and I have felt the same before. I am glad to hear that you found someone at the center to connect with. I think that is very important! I am hoping to do the same at this center!

I am guessing you are on the red plan and need 1/2 a protein for breakfast (hence the egg beaters). I do eggs twice a week, cottage cheese/melba toast three times a week, and the other two days I eat a couple strips of grilled chicken as a mid morning snack. It seems odd to eat meat for breakfast, so I have it a little later in the day.

So far all is well with the LA Express. I will be glad when Tuesday gets here and I can cook some veggies and eat some carbs!!

How does everyone like the weekends off? They told me I would do the plan for 4 weeks before they let me try it.

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