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Hi, well I have been off program now for about 2 weeks. I have been fighting with the same 6 lbs for about 5 months, and it's not like it is my last 6 lbs, I have a bout 75 to lose. So, I stopped and really evaluated the situation and I do take responsiblility for not being on program , but I stopped and asked what are they doing for me at the center, and I basically realized that all I do there is get weighed, the councelor has been no help, even though I think they are a sweets girls. one is about 100 lbs and has never had a weight problem, she did go to school to study nutrition, but all of us with this problem probably have aquired as much knowledge as she has along the way, but the real weight problem is in our heads. The other girl is also young and needs to lose maybe 20 lbs,when ever I tell her that I am having trouble she says me too, and I end up counseling her. The 3rd girl , got fired........
For all the money I have spent I have never been given any Motivational help, any behavior modification tips, actually when I look at it truthfully, all I've gotten is a place to get weighted
Now they have a new girl and I've watched her and she seems tough, I don't like that but I need that.
I think I will be doing better with her, first thing she said is "do you have the cookbook?", I said "No", she said "has any one ever told you that you need it?" I said "No"....she said , you know waht I am going to give you back a few weeks, you take this cook book, you write down your food , you come and see only me, you do plan, and we will get this weight off together, You do the work and I will be at your side........this is what I need, this is what I paid all this money for.
So I guess the point I am trying to make is that if you don't feel you are getting what you paid for , speak up. I didn't want to hurt anyones feeling cause I thought all the girls were dolls, but the bottom line is, I was getting ripped off.........and I was to the point where I was ready to call headquarters, I am so glad I expressed my feeling and this girl intervened.
Thanks for te ear.................., I was told at my first post to just use this board to vent so that is what I just did, and you know what? I feel better, and above all I hope what I said will help some one else who is struggling with the same pounds............Munbun
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