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Good morning all!

I am soooo glad to see some familiar faces. I have not been in here in a few months and I was afraid when I logged on it would be a whole new crowd.

So....I rejoined LA today. They built a new center about half way between my office and home. It is actually only about a block out of the way when I drive home. It has been there for about 4 months, and the same group that started it is still there!! WOW. There are only 3 people working there full time and I talked to two of them today. They are both great and seemed very I am hoping they do not have the huge turnover problem that I have seen at the other centers. Since the center is new, they have a pretty small group of clients right now, which is nice for lines for weigh in!

She didnt make me pay for any program costs, since I had done LA before. The manager actually worked at my old center for 2 months before they opened this one. She just let me buy weeks to get started. I will buy some LA lites when I go back Monday after my 3 day TakeOff (with oranges....I hate that juice!). I am going to check out ebay and see if I can find any good buys on lites.

Well...I am off to the grocery store, I know I do not have 3 days worth of green veggies!
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