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Karen, my husband reacts terribly to poison ivy,oak, etc. He can get a teeny patch on his leg and by the next day it has spread EVERYWHERE. He uses colloidal silver (available at a natural foods store and some drug stores) or a paste made out of active charcoal. Relieves the itching fast and is ok for the nether regions.

From what I know, GB anti-itch can be applied "down there"...I would watch (or have him watch, I guess) for any reactions, though.

Good luck!

Aaack! so much to do today. Was really looking forward to a big smoothie for breakfast...and then realized that it's grocery shopping day and I only have apples and two pitiful looking strawberries for fruit. We'll have to see what I can whip up. Kids want pancakes. I definitely don't want that rock in my stomach when I go to the gym later.

Have a great day, ladies!

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